AccuCushions® Accessories

Klarity offers straps and a shell mold as a position aid for AccuCushions®. The cleanable strap set can be used by a single therapist as a positioning tool.  The Shell molds are excellent for creating precise cranial support with the AccuCushions®.

The Shell Mold and Strap Sets are both sold as individual sets.

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AccuCushion® Strap Set

R565-605C   Cleanable Strap Set for Shell AccuCushions®

The Strap Set is a positioning aid that allows a single therapist to mold an AccuCushion®. The straps are of a comfortable, easily cleanable material that stretches. Velcro strips are sewn into the straps. The Velcro attaches under the neck of the AccuCushio®n and comes over the patient's shoulders and torso to attach to the side of the table for comfortable shoulder suppression. Straps are for set-up only and are removed before treatment. Each strap set comes with

  • Two 2x60in straps

  • Two 6x60in straps

  • Two adhesive tabs for the couch

Shell Mold for Shell AccuCushions®

R560-S     S-type and U-frame

R560-O   O-type

R560-M Klarity Multi-Fix Baseplate

The Klarity Shell Mold is a reusable frame for molding Shell AccuCushions®. Once the AccuCushion® cools within the frame, the Shell Mold is removed before a mask is used. Includes three sizes.