Klarity offers a large selection of baseplates and overlays. Our systems allow for for accurate positioning and increased patient comfort. Many of our baseplates and overlays are compatible with a variety of couches and systems, and we also offer systems with specialized compatibility.  Our baseplates and overlays are compatible with standard masks and head support systems.  Please click below for specific product information, or email info@klaritymedical.com. 

(R630-3SGF  MR Compatible)

The Klarity Optek™ Overlay provides the highest degree of stability for the head, neck, and shoulders. The system is ideal... read more


The Klarity Prone Breast System is a new, elegant solution for comfortable, accurate prone breast treatment. It is efficiently streamlines with... read more 

(R62400-GF  MR Compatible)

The Klarity SBRT™ System is a complete, easily adjustable immobilization system with multiple options for abdominal fixation... read more


(R632-BTGF  MR Compatible)

The Klarity Channel Board features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures. The Channel Board...  read more


The Klarity Breastboard comes as a complete system and includes two arms cups, two wrist cups, two hand posts, a removable head... read more


The Klarity MultiFix™  Baseplate system is a unique patient positioning board that allows for multiple treatment options. The MultiFix™... read more


(R612-NGF  MR Compatible)

The Klarity Cadet AIO Baseplate is sized for smaller patients and is dual-configured for both pediatric and adolescent patients...  read more


for Siemens Biograph mMR

Klarity offers the Vega PET-MRI Medibord Overlay for the Siemens Biograph mMR PET-MRI machine... read more



The Klarity PelvicFix™ Baseplate is a supine pelvic belly board that can be used with large, single thermoplastic sheets for...  read more


(R634-LGF  MR Compatible)

The Klarity Leg Positioner is a comfortable and simple system for indexing the lower extremities. The complete set includes... read more