Breast & Torso Solutions

Klarity  offers multiple patient immobilization solutions for breast treatment, including prone and supine positioning. Our systems offer increased stability while maintaining a higher level of comfort for patients.  All Klarity breast and torso solutions are adapted to the needs of therapists, providing better working time and easy-to-use products.  Please contact to learn more. 

The Klarity Prone Breast System: a streamlined solution for prone breast positioning with customized contralateral indexing

The Klarity Prone System is a revolutionary prone breast positioning system that is extremely comfortable, easy to set up, and allows for customized positioning. 

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The Klarity Supine Breast System: a lightweight yet durable system engineered for a quick and fully adjustable setup

The Klarity Supine Breast System features sturdy arm and wrist supports and offers a full variety of customized positioning options, including lateral adjustment. 

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The Klarity WingSpan™ Baseplate features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures.

The Klarity WingSpan™Baseplate can be used alone, and is also compatibel with the Klarity Supine Breast System and the Klarity SBRT System.

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