Channel Board

R632-BTCF - Carbon Fiber   |   R611-WK1 - Acrylic

The Klarity Channel Board features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures. The Channel Board comes with T-Hand Grips, and can be used with the Head Cup used in the Breast Board.  The Channel Board can be easily used with a vacuum bag for secure customizable support. It is comfortable and lightweight, and allows for easy transporting, indexing, and re-positioning, with low attenuation. The Klarity Channel Board can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Klarity Breast Board. 

56.1cm (Length) x 58cm (Width)

  • Secure arm support

  • Can be used alone or with the Klarity Breast Board

  • Lightweight and easily transportable

  • Low-attenuation

Also available as MR Compatible


The Klarity Channel Board Includes