Klarity AccuCushions™: advanced indexing tools for highly accurate, customized support

Klarity AccuCushions are advanced indexing tools that provide secure, customized head and neck support for patients. These cushions are made from low-density thermoplastic-based materials that become soft and pliable when heated in an oven or water bath. After heating, AccuCushions offer warm and comforting support that has a calming effect on most patients.

Once cool, AccuCushions become firm and rigid, ensuring excellent reproducibility and precise placement for highly accurate treatment. AccuCushions can be used with Silverman headrests, and they also fit under a thermoplastic mask to create 360-degree custom support and immobilization. New AccuCushions with Neck Insert can be used without a Silverman headrest, enabling optimal cervical spine support and immobilization.

The inner cushion contains a proprietary mix of high-quality, lightweight polystyrene surrounded by a thin layer of thermoplastic. The soft and stretchable outer covering is made of simple nylon fabric. All AccuCushions are 100% nontoxic, with minimal shrinkage and no odor. AccuCushions™ are one-per-patient, but they can be reheated and reformed if needed.

  •  100% nontoxic and odorless

  • Can be reheated and reshaped

  • Increased control of cervical spine area with low attenuation

  • Comforting and calming for patients

  • Preferred by therapists and clinics worldwide

*patent pending

Icon AccuCushion™

for Leksell Gamma Knife™ Icon System


Icon AccuCushion™for Leksell Gamma Knife™ Icon System

17.5 x 35 cm

Designed for Elekta’s Gamma Knife™ Icon system, the R550-CEL Icon AccuCushion™  should be used with an Icon mask to provide precise fixation and comfortable support.