Klarity Contour Blend™

Klarity Contour Blend™ Thermoplastic Splinting Material is strong enough for immobilization, yet flexible enough to easily take on and off. Moderate handling produces a finished, sculpted appearance. Available in Beige.

Klarity Contour Blend™


  • CB-3200A  Klarity Contour Blend™  3.2mm  Solid
  • CB-3201A  Klarity Contour Blend™  3.2mm  1% perforation


  • CB-3200  Klarity Contour Blend™  3.2mm  Solid
  • CB-3201  Klarity Contour Blend™  3.2mm  1% perforation

Klarity Contour Blend™ Applications

3.2mm Can be used for almost any splinting application. Use for adult and pediatric positioning, dynamic and static splinting, and for post-burn and post-surgical care. 

See the full Klarity Perforation and Thickness Guide




Memory  Minimum to moderate memory. Splints can be reheated and edges will remain smooth and closed. Splints will hold their shape when mildly heated for fit adjustments. 

RTS  Moderate resistance to stretch. Tolerates minimum to moderate handling during splint molding. Smooth motions yield superior, sculpted results. 

Drape  Moderate drape requires only light to moderate pressure to form a contoured fit. 

Rigidity  Moderate rigidity. A circumferential splint made of Contour Blend™ is flexible enough to easily take on and off, yet strong enough for immobilization. 

Bonding  Traditional coating allows splinting over bandages without adhering. A pressed wet bond will hold firmly, but can be pulled apart when cooled. Dry heating two surfaces together will form a strong bond. For a permanent bond, use solvent or scrape off coating, apply dry heat, and press together.

Surface Finish  Moderate resistance to fingerprints and resists showing stains. for a smooth, shiny surface. To remove marks, lightly heat the surface and rub. Smooth, self-sealing cut edges remain sealed even after reheating.

Latex Free  Skin friendly and non-irritating. Can be disposed of with normal waste and will biodegrade over time. 

Heating and Working Time

Optimum Temperature: 160˚F (70˚C)

Heat in a dry-heat oven or in a waterbath at 160˚F (70˚C) for 1-2 minutes.  

The material normally sets in 3-4 minutes, with a working time of 1-2 minutes, depending on thickness.