Klarity Solo™


Klarity Solo™ Thermoplastic Splinting Material has maximum rigidity and is ideal for fracture bracing and trunk immobilization.  Similar to Orfit® Eco, it is used for larger splints and orthoses, including the elbow, forearm, shoulder, lower extremity, and trunk.  It is ideal for when firm handling is required, such as with orthopedic or neurologically injured patients with spasticity or abnormal tone or joint contractures. Continuous, firm pressure is best for achieving an exact fit. Formerly knows as Klarity KS™.

Available in White.

Klarity Solo™

All sheets are 24x36in (920x610mm)

  • KS-3200  Klarity Solo™  3.2mm  Solid
  • KS-3201  Klarity Solo™  3.2mm  1% perforation


Memory  Moderate memory. Klarity Solo™ will spring back slightly when warm.

RTS  Maximum resistance to stretch. Firm handling needed to stretch material.

Drape  Minimum drape. Use firm handling for smaller contours.  Best for larger joins of the body needing firm support. 

Rigidity  Maximum rigidity. Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity. 

Bonding  Uncoated Klarity Solo provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep material in place for an intimate fit.

Surface Finish  Resists fingerprints.

Latex Free  Skin friendly and non-irritating. Can be disposed of with normal waste and will biodegrade over time. 

Heating and Working Time

Optimum Temperature: 160˚F (70˚C)

Heat in a dry-heat oven or waterbath at 160˚F (70˚C) for 1-2 minutes.

The material normally sets in 3-4 minutes, with a working time of 1-2 minutes, depending on thickness.