Klarity White™

Klarity White™ Thermoplastic Splinting Material can be used to make a variety of orthoses, providing firm to lightweight support from the hand to the foot, and is similar to Aquaplast™.  Klarity White™ has 100% memory and turns transparent when completely heated. 

Klarity White™ (coated)

Half Sheets are  18x24in (460x610mm).  Full Sheets are 24x36in (920x610mm)


  • R-1600A Klarity White™ 1.6mm Half Sheet

  • R-2400A Klarity White™ 2.4mm Half Sheet

  • R-3200A Klarity White™ 3.2mm Half Sheet

  • R-3200 Klarity White™ 3.2mm Full Sheet

  • R-4000 Klarity White™ 4.0mm Full Sheet

1% Perforation

  • R-3201A Klarity White™ 3.2mm Half Sheet

  • R-3201 Klarity White™ 3.2mm Full Sheet

36% Perforation

  • R-2436A Klarity White™ 2.4mm Half Sheet

  • R-2436 Klarity White™ 2.4mm Full Sheet

42% Perforation

  • R-3242A Klarity White™ 3.2mm Half Sheet

  • R-3242 Klarity White™ 3.2mm Full Sheet

Klarity White™ Applications

3.2mm Can be used for thumb, finger, and hand splints, as bases for dynamic splints, and for burn splints.  It is also ideal for lower extremity splints, circumferential leg splints, foot drop splints and foot orthoses. 

2.4mm Use for hand and wrist splints, arthritis splints, circumferential splints and burn splints.  It is also ideal as a base for smaller dynamic outriggers.  

2.0 and 1.6mm Ideal for pediatric and finger positioning splints. 




Memory  100% memory. Klarity White™ easily returns to its original shape and size when reheated.

RTS  Minimal to moderate resistance to stretch. Can be used for single-surface splinting or stretched circumferentially.

Drape  Maximum drape. Excellent conformability and detail reproduction. Turns transparent when completely heated and retains its clarity for the first few minutes of molding, allowing visibility of landmarks and bony prominences. 

Rigidity  Moderately rigid splints. If a more flexible splint is required, simply stretch the material to achieve the desired rigidity and thickness. 

Bonding  Available with non-adhesive coating and adhesive surface (non-coated).

Surface Finish  Resists fingerprints for a smooth, shiny surface. To remove marks and bring out shine, dip in warm water or lightly heat the surface with dry heat.

Latex Free Skin friendly and non-irritating. Can be disposed of with normal waste and will biodegrade over time.

Heating and Working Time

Optimum Temperature: 160˚F (70˚C)

Heat in a dry-heat oven or in a waterbath at 160˚F (70˚C) for 1-2 minutes.  Klarity White™ turns transparent when material is fully heated and ready to use. 

The material normally sets in 3-4 minutes, with a working time of 1-2 minutes, depending on thickness.   

Klarity White™ can be reheated and remolded as often as needed, and will retain 100% memory.