MRI Medibord™ Overlay

Mirak S1 for Siemens Magnetom Skyra and Aera MRI Machines


Klarity offers the Mirak S1 for Siemens Magnetom Skyra and Aera MRI Machines. The overlay provides a clean and flat surface for accurate patient positioning and indexation to enable optimum repeatibility between imaging and treatment. Image fusion with CT images can be undertaken very quickly as table curvature is eliminated.

The Mirak S1 Overlay covers the entire cushioned patient area and is raised 10mm above the top level of the rails. Bright colored spacers locate the overlay perfectly parallel to the table. The width matches most linear accelerator systems, providing broad compatibility.

It's low weight of less than 11lbs and its high resilience make the overlay highly suitable for busy MRI rooms, where RT planning in combined with diagnostic scans and the overlay needs to be removed on a regular basis. The head end has a cutout to fit around the head coil unit. It also provides semi-circular recessed indexing points for two-pin indexing bars and other positioning accessories.

The Mirak S1 Overlay has low attenuation. It is fully MRI compatible, RF compatible, and nonconductive.

  • Interlocks onto existing table

  • Cushions and main coils stay in place

  • Full table size with cutout for head coil

  • Low height of 2cm

  • High rigidity

 Dimensions: 172.6cm length x 53cm width x 2cm thickness