MR Leg Positioner


The Klarity MR Leg Positioner™: easy, ergonomic leg positioning with precise shoulder suppression

The Klarity MR Leg Positioner is a comfortable and simple system for indexing the lower extremities and is available for both CT and MR Compatibility. The complete set includes baseplate, leg support, three elevation blocks, foot cushion, and hand grips.  Sturdy foam cushions reduce patient fatigue, and the angle of the feet is fully indexable and adjustable. The hand grips are a comfortable option for shoulder suppression, and the ball and socket locking feature allows for reproducible tension in 5cm increments. Two elevation blocks are included for height adjustment.

86.4cm (Length) x 44.5cm (Width) x 26.7cm (Max Height)

Elevation wedges at 10/20/30˚

  • Locking baseplate

  • Comfortable and natural leg positioning

  • Reproducible shoulder suppression

  • Engineered for quick, simple setup

Also available as CT Compatible

The Klarity MR Leg Positioner includes:

Baseplate & Handgrips

Knee Cushion

Elevation Blocks


Foot Holder