New Products

At Klarity, we are constantly improving the standards for patient care by seeking out and developing new products.
(last updated 4/27/17)

Desert Harvest: Reléveum Skin Repair Cream

Klarity offers Reléveum, a pain-relieving cream by Desert Harvest.

Classified as an over-the-counter drug by the FDA, Desert Harvest Reléveum® is a 96% natural skin care cream that contains 4% Lidocaine cream and organic Aloe Vera gel. The Aloe Vera gel is cold processed from the barbadensis Miller species, which contains the highest levels of the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and healing properties of the aloe plant. This unique product may help with the irritation and pain from cancer radiation treatments, shingles, tattoos, neuropathy, first and second degree burns, and many other ailments.

Reléveum Skin Repair Cream
4oz bottle

Reléveum Skin Repair Cream
8oz bottle

Klarity AirSwitch™

Klarity AirSwitch™ handheld vacuum pump control switch.

The simple one-handed operation provides quick-change airflow with the flick of a switch. The lightweight switch has three settings: In, Hold, and Out, for precise bag adjustments. Comes with a durable two-channel hose.

The AirSwitch attaches to your existing vacuum pump and is available for all vacuum bag types and connector valves.  Please specify current pump type when ordering.

Klarity AirSwitch™
Vacuum Pump Control Switch

Leg Positioner

The Klarity Leg Positioner is a comfortable and simple system for indexing the lower extremities. The complete set includes baseplate, leg support, three elevation blocks, foot cushion, and hand grips.  Sturdy foam cushions reduce patient fatigue, and the angle of the feet is fully indexable and adjustable. The acrylic hand grips are a comfortable option for shoulder suppression, and the ball and socket locking feature allows for reproducible tension in 5cm increments. Two elevation blocks are included for height adjustment.

86.4cm (Length) x 44.5cm (Width) x 26.7cm (Max Height)

Elevation wedges at 10/20/30˚

Klarity Leg Positioner


Klarity offers SteriTatt, the first medical marking device created specifically for radiation therapy.  This single-use solution supports precision treatment and features sterile, non-toxic, low-allergy ink.

SteriTatt is a single-use device that contains sterile, non-toxic, permanent ink. Each SteriTatt device contains low-allergy ink that is safety-sealed and gamma irradiated, guaranteeing sterility and ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

SteriTatt Black Ink Cartridge
25 per box

SteriTatt Black Ink Dropper. 3CC.
10 droppers per box

BoS AccuCushion™

Klarity provides specialized AccuCushion™ to work with various treatment systems. BoS AccuCushions are created specifically to fit BoS Baseplates. Klarity AccuCushions™ are used underneath a thermoplastic mask for increased fixation and better patient comfort.  All cushions are 100% non-toxic, with minimal shrinkage and no odor.  

AccCushions™ are heat-activated and can be prepared in an oven, water bath, or blanket warmer. They can be reheated and reshaped with a heat gun or hair dryer. The low-density thermoplastic based cushion is soft and easily moldable when warm, and firm and rigid when cool, with the lowest possible attenuation factors.

AccuCushion™ for BoS Baseplates