August Newsletter


Dear friends and colleagues

Klarity’s product development team knows that even the smallest innovation can change everything. That’s why we went back to the drawing board to see what, if anything, we could find to improve on our standard AccuCushion™. Well, I’m pleased to say we found something remarkable.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the U-Cushion™, a brand new tool that provides all the benefits of the traditional AccuCushion™ material in a design that is even more user-friendly than the original.

Unlike the standard AccuCushion™, which has squared edges, the U-Cushion™ has a brand new curved top. This allows you to form the cushion on your patient with even less adjustment. It eliminates the need to tuck away corners and creates more space for the mask frame to come down evenly and securely.

In addition to the enhanced ease of use, the U-Cushion™ also represents an improvement in indexing accuracy. The U-Cushion™ indexes not only to the headrest, but also to the crown of the head. This reduces pitch, which in turn allows for even greater precision.

With its refined usability and upgraded accuracy, I believe that the U-Cushion™ will transform how therapists do their work, just like the original AccuCushion™ did. Of course, Klarity’s standard models still remain brilliantly effective for highly precise positioning and support. But I very much believe that the U-Cushion™ is a game changer.

For more detailed specifications and ordering information, please visit the AccuCushion™ page on our website.
As always, thank you for your valuable time.
Best regards,

Peter Larson
Klarity Medical Products