Courage Unmasked

We are often asked about what happens with our masks after treatment.  Can masks be thrown away with normal waste?  The answer is yes, but there are some other options for using masks post-treatment. Our favorite for years now has been the amazing artistic expression of Courage Unmasked, led by visual artist Cookie Kerxton.  She gave an interview in ASRT a few years ago about how Courage Unmasked was started:

"As she went through her treatment, which used a radiation mask, Kerxton questioned what other head and neck cancer patients did with their masks after their treatments were finished.“  They told me, ‘Some people take them home; some people leave them here, and some people run them over with their car,’” Kerxton said.

And that’s when Kerxton, an artist, got an idea: turn no longer needed radiation masks into works of art to help those dealing with head and neck cancer. From there, Courage Unmasked was born. “I said, ‘I’m an artist, and how would you feel if I asked my friends if they would decorate the masks, and we can auction them off and raise money to help people with their treatment,’” Kerxton said." 

- "Courage Unmasked" ASRT, Summer 2013, 23-25,34.

We think her work is amazing and love seeing the transformation each artist creates for their mask. Cookie's work continues at