R.A.D. with Matt


Welcome to R.A.D. with Matt!  From time to time, we will be featuring news and updates on Research and Design from Product Manager Matt Calhoun to give insight into some of our thoughts and processes. If you have an idea for a product or would like a custom item, we’d love to hear from you! 

One of our primary considerations when developing a product is whether or not it will be a practical help to you. We believe that our products should be easy to use while facilitating the best patient care possible. This was our main reason for developing the AirSwitch. 

In the clinics, I noticed that there were basically two types of vacuum bag pumps. One is a large box with a single air hose. For this pump, inflating or deflating the bag is controlled by a large industrial push bottom switch that is separate from the air hose.  The other type is a simple pump with two or sometimes just one hose. With these, you have to disconnect the hose from the bag to switch between inflating and deflating. Neither of these designs allow you to temporarily stop the airflow in or out of the bag so that you can make adjustments and position the patient correctly.

The AirSwitch was designed to provide simple functionality that the other products lack.  It allows you to control the air flow with a hand held switch that is connected to the air hose.  The toggle on the AirSwitch gives you three options: inflate, deflate, or hold. The hold position temporarily stops the air flow so you can make vacuum bag adjustments. There is no need to disconnect hoses or hold a bulky industrial pushbutton switch.  It’s simple to install on any vacuum pump (just connect hoses) and can make your set ups quicker and easier.

As always, we look forward to your feedback on any of our products.  We hope you enjoy using our new AirSwitch!

Matt Calhoun

Product Manager

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