Klarity Medical October Newsletter:

Dear colleagues and customers,

As many of you know, my company has developed new moldable support cushions that have become widely accepted.  We call them AccuCushions™, because they’re accurate, indexable and comfortable.

We started with just a simple head cushion, similar to a common MoldCare cushion, but easier to use and with no odor.  From there, we have expanded to newer designs with comprehensive immobilization and more detailed indexing. Notably, leading clinics are documenting improved shoulder and c-spine reproducibility with our head and shoulder AccuCushions™. 

Our Shell System creates full circumferential immobilization

We believe the advantages and stability of AccuCushions™ and the Shell System™ in particular will give you improved reproducibility without expensive hardware. 

We also continue to move forward. The level of comfort provided by these cushions has led us to a new approach for accurate breast radiation. We are now able to hold a patient in a prone position with contoured shaping around the contralateral breast that is very comfortable for women of all sizes. This allows us to have a simpler baseplate design with very precise indexing. I can’t go into details here, but we’ll be introducing this new device and new cushions at the ASTRO and ASRT conventions in San Antonio in two weeks.  I hope you or your colleagues will stop by our booth to see it.  

Pictures and details of the new breast board and the AccuCushion will be on our website,Klaritymedical.com.  You can also contact us at[email protected]

Thank you for sharing your valuable time.

Best Regards,
Peter Larson
Klarity Medical Products


Upcoming Events: 

ASTRO Booth #1385, October 18-21, San Antonio, TX

ASRT October 18-20, San Antonio, TX

OSRT  October 24, Tualatin, OR