Prone Breast System


The Klarity Prone Breast System: a streamlined solution for prone breast positioning with customized contralateral indexing

The new Klarity Prone Breast System is an improved, modern system for prone breast treatment. The graceful shape of the baseplate can easily be flipped for right- and left-side treatments, and the gentle contouring of the edges and enhanced torso stabilization options provide heightened comfort. The Klarity Prone Breast System is cost effective and offers advanced indexing and superior control for patients of all sizes. The base system has a streamlined design that ensures a quick setup and makes it easy to reproduce positions. For treatments requiring a high degree of conformity and detail, the Klarity Prone Breast System offers advanced indexing options. Tightly indexed vacuum bags and AccuCushions™ can be used to immobilize all extremities and minimize patient movement.

  • Comfortable and secure support for patients of all sizes

  • Elegant design for quick, streamlined setup

  • Advanced options for higher accuracy and custom conformity

  • Cost effective

Klarity Prone Breast System comes as a complete set with the following items:


Head Support: Prone or Lateral


Prone Head Support


For comfortable prone head placement. Disposable cushions are one-per-patient and fit into a reusable baseplate.  Comes with 2 cushions.  Additional cushions can be ordered separately. Indexes to standard Silverman pins.


Lateral Head Support


A reusable C-shaped cushion is included for right- and left-side treatments. One cushion is included. Indexes to standard Silverman pins.


Contralateral Support: Standard or Customized

Flat Support


A standard, flat cushion provides even support.

Wedge Support


Two standard, reusable wedge cushions allow for angled placement and support.

Wedge AccuCushion™

R550-W1 (2 cushions included)

Our preferred method for providing customized, highly reproducible support. The AccuCushion molds directly to the patient's torso and indexes to the table Additional cushions ordered separately.

Upper Arm Support


Upper Vacuum Bag


Customized vacuum bag for secure arm support and accurate reproducibility.






Reversible for Right/Left treatments.  Available in Carbon Fiber or Acrylic. The Baseplate attaches to indexed elevation blocks. The elevation blocks can be removed or added as needed.