Prone Breast System

Options for Advanced Setup

For treatments requiring higher conformity and detail, the Klarity Prone Breast System offers advanced optionsfor superior indexing.  Tilting head baseplate, customized AccuCushions, and tightly indexed vacuum bags are all available to minimize patient movement. No other prone setup offers this degree of security, conformability, and comfort.

Advanced Setup

The Klarity Prone Breast System is highly customizable for advanced indexing


Wedge AccuCushion™


Klarity AccuCushions™ have been specially formed for indexible torso support.  The AccuCushion molds directly to the patient's torso and indexes to the table.  Comfortable and highly reproducible, the Wedge AccuCushion is our recommended indexing method for torso support.


Upper Vacuum Bag


Indexed Vacuum Bag for arm placement. Indexes directly to the baseplate for easily reproducible support.


Lower Vacuum Bag


Secure Vacuum Bag for comfortable leg and pelvis positioning. Indexes directly to the baseplate.


Tilting Head Support


Indexed Tilting Head Support allows for custom head placement and tilt. Can be used with U-frame or O-type head masks.