Klarity AccuCushion®™for Proton Therapy: advanced indexing tools for highly accurate, customized support

Klarity AccuCushions® are advanced indexing tools that provide secure, customized head and neck support for patients. These cushions are made from low-density thermoplastic-based materials that become soft and pliable when heated in an oven or water bath. After heating, AccuCushions® offer warm and comforting support that has a calming effect on most patients.

Once cool, AccuCushions® become firm and rigid, ensuring excellent reproducibility and precise placement for highly accurate treatment. The inner cushion contains a proprietary mix of high-quality, lightweight polystyrene surrounded by a thin layer of thermoplastic. The soft and stretchable outer covering is made of simple nylon fabric. All AccuCushions® are 100% nontoxic, with minimal shrinkage and no odor. AccuCushions® are one-per-patient, but they can be reheated and reformed if needed.

  •  100% nontoxic and odorless

  • Can be reheated and reshaped

  • Increased control of cervical spine area with low attenuation

  • Comforting and calming for patients

  • Preferred by therapists and clinics worldwide

*patent pending

BoS AccuCushions®

for BoS Baseplates




46 x 47 cm

The R550-BOS is designed specifically for the BoS board. The extended head portion
fits into the head cup, and the extra fill in the neck area allows for customized support around the C-spine. The cushion wraps up over the shoulders to provide comfortable but firm shoulder suppression. When used with a Head & Shoulder Mask, this cushion enables indexing for the whole chest and shoulder girdle.




46 x 47 cm

The R550-BOS3 is designed with the precise silhouette of the BoS board to provide comfortable, customized support for the head, neck, and C-spine. The BOS3 can be used with both Head-Only Masks and Head & Shoulder Masks.



10 x 16 cm

The smallest of our AccuCushions®, the R550-S1 fits into the head cup of the BoS board. It can also be used in unique situations that require custom indexing.


Standard AccuCushions®


Standard AccuCushion®

20 x 25 cm

Our standard AccuCushion® is a comfortable support cushion. It is designed to fit over a Silverman for customized immobilization.



15 x 20 cm

A smaller version of our standard AccuCushion®, the small cushion is appropriate for patients with smaller head sizes, including pediatric and adolescent patients.



20 x 30 cm

The R550-M1 has a slightly wider base of support for greater support under the head and neck as well as improved indexing. The M1 works well on the Q1 headrest or a standard Silverman headrest.


25 x 35 cm

The R550-M3 is slightly wider and longer than other standard AccuCushions®, making it ideal for use with deeper headrests. The M3 works well in situations requiring customized tilt and pitch of the head and neck.

The Klarity U-Cushion™


U-Cushion™: A Universal AccuCushion® 

20 x 25 cm

A small design innovation changes everything. Klarity’s brand new U-Cushion™ provides all the benefits of the traditional AccuCushion® material in a design that is even easier to use. The new curved top allows the therapist to contour the cushion to the patient with minimal adjustment. This eliminates the need to tuck away corners and enables the mask frame to come down evenly and securely. The U-Cushion™ indexes to both the crown of the head and the Silverman headrest, reducing pitch and providing even greater precision.

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Molding Tools for AccuCushions®

Cleanable Strap Set

The Strap Set is a positioning tool that allows a single therapist to mold an AccuCushion®. The straps are of a comfortable, easily cleanable material that stretches. Velcro strips are sewn into the straps. The Velcro attaches under the neck of the AccuCushion® and comes over the patient's shoulders and torso to attach to the side of the table for comfortable shoulder suppression. Straps are for set-up only and are removed before treatment. Each strap set comes with:

  • Two 2 x 54 in straps
  • Two 6 x 54 in straps
  • Two adhesive tabs for the couch

Shell Mold

R560-S     S-type and U-frame Baseplates

R560-O   Orfit-type Baseplates

R560-M Klarity Multi-Fix Baseplate

The Klarity Shell Mold is a reusable frame for molding the R550-HS2L Head & Shoulder AccuCushion®. Once the AccuCushion® cools within the frame, the Shell Mold is removed before a mask is used. Includes three sizes.