Klarity is proud to offer the new RectalPro™, a better, more comfortable endorectal balloon from QLRAD.

The RectalPro is a single-use endorectal balloon (ERB), designed to reduce ano-rectal toxicity & variations in interfraction prostate position for patients receiving external beam radiotherapy for the treatment of prostate malignancies. The RectalPro reduces ano-rectal toxicity through improved daily localization as a result of prostate stabilization and reproducible rectal filling. It displaces the lateral & posterior anal & rectal walls away from the treatment volume, and the RectalPro thins, effaces and compresses the anterior rectal wall, so it reduces the volume receiving high dose. The RectalPro promotes consistent rectal filling, minimizing inter- & intra-fractional variations in target and critical structure geometry.

The RectalPro is easy to use and more comfortable for patients than any other ERB. A tapered tip, angled probe, and balloon shaft makes insertion easier and more comfortable. A one-handed clamp and longer tube gives the therapist more room to work, and it can be used with air or water (for proton treatment). The balloon retracts back into the shaft for a cleaner removal from the body. Please consult the IFU for full instructions.




Each RectalPro™ set comes as a complete package for single-use insertion. It contains a flexible shaft with balloon and tube, syringe, and fixation ring.

100 sets/case

Overview of RectalPro™ Usage

  1. Inform, reassure and explain benefit to the patient

  2. Attach fixation ring (prongs away from balloon tip) and attach air filled syringe

  3. Apply lubrication to the distal balloon shaft

  4. Insert (tip toward sacrum) & slowly inflate

  5. Gently pull outward until balloon contacts sphincter

  6. Slide fixation ring up to contact skin

  7. Record inflation volume & fixation ring position

Please consult the IFU for complete instructions for use.


Instructional Videos