SBRT System


The Klarity SBRT™ System: a complete, easily adjustable immobilization system with multiple options for abdominal fixation

The new Klarity SBRT System is simple to use, highly indexable, and easily adjustable. The carbon fiber baseplate is lightweight and has handgrip holes on either side for easier placement and hanging options. The SBRT Baseplate indexes to the couch top in two places, and scalloped edges allow the belly and knee bridge to be fixed in the best position for the patient. The height of the belly and knee bridges can be adjusted quickly, and the bridges lock and unlock without fuss. The SBRT System is also equipped with an ergonomic belly compression paddle designed to maximize patient comfort while providing necessary immobilization.

The standard SBRT System includes a carbon fiber baseplate, a wingboard with accompanying vacuum bag, an adjustable belly bridge with a compression paddle, an adjustable knee bridge with an optional vacuum bag, and a movable foot positioner. The system also comes with two indexing bars, and it is compatible with standard thorax masks and Silverman headrests. The optional Respiratory Belt may also be used with the SBRT Baseplate.

220 x 53 cm

Also available as MR Compatible

The Klarity SBRT Baseplate comes with the following items:


and accompanying vacuum bag

The carbon fiber Wingboard indexes to the SBRT Baseplate. The Wingboard includes handgrips for secure, adjustable arm placement. A custom vacuum bag attaches to the Wingboard to provide added support and immobilize the whole torso.


Belly Bridge

and optional compression paddle

The Belly Bridge is easy to lock and unlock on the SBRT Baseplate. The bridge height can be adjusted for every patient. Additionally, the compression paddle can be adjusted laterally and offers varying levels of compression for better customization and indexing. The compression paddle is ergonomically designed for patient comfort. The SBRT System can be used without the belly compression paddle.


Knee Bridge

and optional vacuum bag

The SBRT System comes with an adjustable and indexable Knee Bridge cushion, which assists in torso placement and provides added back comfort. The cushion can also be immobilized and indexed with an anterior knee vacuum bag that attaches easily to the Knee Bridge.


Knee Cushion and Foot Positioner

The Knee Cushion is ergonomically designed for leg comfort and has inserts to raise or lower the height. Both the Knee Cushion and the Foot Positioner index directly to the baseplate. The Foot Positioner can be adjusted easily for for better patient comfort.

Indexing Bar2_SILO.jpg

SBRT Indexing Bars

The SBRT System comes with two SBRT indexing bars to fix the wingboard or vacuum bag to the baseplate. 

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