Klarity Medical September Newsletter:
The AirFlow™ Oven

Dear colleagues and customers,

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter, a place to share our latest developments and important industry news. I want to take a moment to tell you about one of our proudest achievements: developing dry heat ovens to replace water baths...

In 2013 I worked with two Occupational Therapists who were using a tiny kitchen convection oven to heat and form thermoplastic splints. It was an obvious and simple idea – the heat circulates in a convection oven as effectively as in a water bath. That revelation gave me the idea to develop a medical grade oven as a simpler and cleaner way to heat our thermoplastic masks. The Klarity Oven was born, and today we are unveiling our newest oven, the Klarity AirFlow™ Oven, spacious enough for heating two thermoplastic devices simultaneously, and with the fastest heating time ever. 

Using convection heat rather than a water bath offers more than just convenience. Ovens require minimal cleaning. Dry masks are more comfortable for your patient. There’s less shrinkage (water evaporation accelerates cooling time, which increases shrinkage). And dry convection heat can be used for ALL thermoplastic masks (though we prefer the Klarity Green™ masks, of course!) 

Best of all, the risk of bacterial infection is mitigated by getting the water out of treatment rooms. As you may know, ASRT published a significant study last year documenting the risk of bacterial infection from water baths.

To find out more about the Klarity AirFlow oven or other Klarity products, please be in touch at [email protected] or visit our website: www.klaritymedical.com.

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Peter Larson


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