Klarity offers SteriTatt, the first medical marking device created specifically for radiation therapy.  This single-use solution supports precision treatment and features sterile, non-toxic, low-allergy ink.

Sterile Ink
SteriTatt is a single-use device that contains sterile, non-toxic, permanent ink. Each SteriTatt device contains low-allergy ink that is safety-sealed and gamma irradiated, guaranteeing sterility and ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

Standardized Administration
SteriTatt’s pen-like design offers ease and comfort of use and helps standardize the methods therapists employ to administer tattoos. The ink flow is easy to regulate so too much ink will not be dispersed into a patient’s skin—controlling the cosmetic impact a tattoo will have on the patient.

Technicians highly rate SteriTatt’s convenient and flexible design—ink can be applied to a prepared site or a hypodermic needle can be attached to the SteriTatt unit so ink can be placed under the skin.

Systematic Marking
SteriTatt offers black and pink ink. Different ink colors can be used to identify different areas of treatment or differentiate new areas from previous treatment sites. The markings made are permanent and are very small. The SteriTatt tattoo enables providers to align the treatment field precisely, every day of the treatment to ensure that radiation is delivered to exactly the same area each time

SteriTatt Cartridge

SteriTatt Black Ink Cartridge
25 per box

SteriTatt Black Ink Cartridge with Needle
25 per box

SteriTatt Pink Ink Cartridge
5 per box

SteriTatt Pink Ink Cartridge
25 per box


SteriTatt Ink Dropper

SteriTatt Black Ink Dropper. 3CC.
10 droppers per box