Klarity Trio™ is a 3-layer positioning aid, offering a unique and versatile pad and strap support system for patient positioning. Patented Trio™ gives therapists a welcome “third hand” for positioning a patient comfortably and securely…ideal for holding an arm, leg, breast or other body part away from a treatment area. Trio™ can also provide a welcome assist to patients required to hold a strenuous position during an exam or treatment.

The moldable oval pads can be shaped directly on a patient’s skin or clothing. Simply warm the pad and form gently on the patient. The soft, cushioned inner surface will hold firmly without migrating. The fabric-loop outer surface provides infinite anchor points for the straps. Straps are cushioned for patient comfort and to prevent slipping. Sticky-back loop tabs are provided for attaching straps to any support point, such as a treatment table, exam table or other furniture.  U.S. Patent #7942837

  • Moldable and easy to use

  •  Non-stick cushioned pads

  • Secure and comfortable

  • A welcome assist with multiple uses

Klarity Trio™ Kits

Trio™ is sold in complete kits, and oval pads area available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Small Trio™ Positioning Kit 
4x6in Oval Pads

Medium Trio™ Positioning Kit 
6x8in Oval Pads

Large Trio™ Positioning Kit 
9x12in Oval Pads

The Klarity Trio™ Kit Includes: 


Two 60in straps


Eight Velcro Tabs

Two Trio Pads


Two sticky backed Velcro strips