PET-MRI Medibord™ Overlay

for Siemens Biograph mMR


Klarity offers the Vega PET-MRI Medibord™ Overlay for the Siemens Biograph mMR PET-MRI machine. The Vega Overlay provides a clean, flat surface for accurate and easily reproducible patient positioning. The overlay covers the entire patient area and is raised 10 mm above the rails to create clearance for the main coil. Brightly colored spacers locate the overlay perfectly parallel to the couch. 

Its lightweight construction(> 5 kg) and high resilience make the Vega Overlay suitable for interdepartmental use. The overlay can also be removed quickly, minimizing downtime during rapid changeovers.

The Vega Overlay is designed to work with indexing bars as well as other positioning systems and tools.

The Vega Overlay has low attenuation. It is fully MRI compatible, RF compatible, and nonconductive.

  • Exact parallel positioning on any couch

  • Raised to fit main coils

  • Full table size

  • High rigidity

 Dimensions: 200 x 50.3 x 2 cm