A Golden Ballroom

A golden ballroom on the third floor is buzzing with what can only be described as the future innovation of Proton Therapy. Reverent bows, firm handshakes, and exchanges of smiles are abundantly exchanged along with traditional, professional business cards. Yesterday’s PTCOG kicked off with a day of education and questions. It is followed with another full day of Educational Sessions, Sub-Committee Group Gatherings, and Scientific Meetings. Specific to today is the Key Note Speaker, Ernest Moniz. He will be speaking about his singular perspective on the important scientific and technological challenges of today.

Cancer treatment isn't easy, but it is essential. As Klarity grows we are embracing the challenges that arise. What makes us unique is our adaptability and ability to embrace changes in treatment practices. Our team confronts these challenges with care, consideration, and commitment to our customers’ concerns as they arise. As Proton Therapy grows, we're excited to meet the changing needs of the field. Come meet the team at PTCOG57. Ellen, Andrew, and Troy would be happy to meet you.