Pelvis & Extremities Solutions

Klarity  offers multiple patient immobilization solutions for the pelvis and extremities. Our systems offer increased stability while maintaining a higher level of comfort for patients.  Customizable positioning options such as Vacuum Bags and AccuCushions® offer highly-specific positioning tools for better conformity.  Our systems are highly compatible for flexible system integration.   Please contact [email protected] to learn more. 

The Klarity Leg Positioner™: easy, ergonomic leg positioning with precise shoulder suppression

The Klarity Leg Positioner is a compatible system that offers easy customization for comfortable leg and feet positioning. 

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The Klarity PelvicFix™ Baseplate: for highly reproducible pelvic placement

The Klarity PelvicFix™ Baseplate is a supine pelvic belly board that can be used with large, single thermoplastic sheets for immobilization of the entire abdominal and pelvic region. 

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The Klarity Duo Align™ Full Body System: A complete solution for adaptable full-body placement

The Klarity Duo Align™ Full Body System is a lightweight positioning solution for head, shoulder, and full body placement. The Duo Align™ System is fully indexable and compatible with both U-Frame and O-Type head masks as well as pelvic masks. 

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The Klarity Vacuum Bag: a stronger, more durable vacuum bag

Klarity offers a wide variety of vacuum bags for customized positioning. Our vacuum bags are extra durable and work with multiple vacuum pump systems. 

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Klarity AccuCushions®: advanced indexing tools for highly accurate, customized support

AccuCushions® provide secure, customized head and neck support for patients. Larger AccuCushion® sizes are ideal for immobilizing extremities where a high degree of specificity is needed.  

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