Klarity manufactures precision crafted materials for all splint types. Our products meet the requirements of the most highly skilled OT professionals. Klarity thermoplastic splinting materials offer different degrees of rigidity and resistance to stretch to meet the needs of different patients and splint-makers.  Please see our Thermoplastic Comparison Chart to compare each type of thermoplastic splinting material.  

Klarity Solo™

Klarity Solo™ has maximum rigidity and is ideal for fracture bracing and trunk immobilization.  Similar to Orfit® Eco, it is used for larger splints and orthoses.... read more

Klarity White™

Klarity White™ is similar to Aquaplast™, and has 100% memory, turning transparent when completely heated... read more

Klarity Easy Fit™

Klarity Easy Fit™ makes strong, rigid splints for patients who are hard to position or have strong joint contractures.  Klarity Easy Fit™ folds easily to form smooth, even edges... read more


Contour Blend™

Highly conforming and fast setting, Contour Blend™ is our most versatile material. It is strong enough for immobilization, yet flexible enough to easily take on and off...  read more

Contour Pro™

Contour Pro™ makes the most rigid, precise fitting splint and orthosis.  It has superior conformability without stretching.... read more