MRI Solutions

In addition to baseplates and overlays constructed specifically for MRI, Klarity offers a wide range of positioning tools that are MR compatible, such as nonstick green masks and high-precision AccuCushions®. We are also proud to partner with Medibord™ to offer MRI positioning overlay boards. Please contact [email protected] to learn more. 

The Klarity MR Optek™ System: optimal stability for the head, neck, and shoulders

The Klarity MR Optek™ System is our MR Compatible S-type overlay, with a variety of mask and cushion options for enhanced positioning.

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The Klarity MR WingSpan™ Baseplate features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures.

The Klarity MR WingSpan™Baseplate can be used alone, and is also compatible with the Klarity Supine Breast System and the Klarity SBRT System.

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The MR Solo Align™ Full Body System: An all-in-one system compatible with small bore machines

The Klarity MR Solo Align™ System is configured for multiple treatments and has a narrow profile that is compatible with smaller bore machines.  The MR Solo Align™ System is immensely adaptable, and can be used with S-type masks, as well as breast, torso, and pelvic masks. 

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The Klarity MR Leg Positioner™: easy, ergonomic leg positioning with precise shoulder suppression.

The Klarity MR Leg Positioner is a MR compatible system that offers easy customization for comfortable leg and feet positioning. 

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Mirak S1

MRI Medibord™ Overlay for Siemens Skyra and Aera MRI Systems

Klarity offers the Mirak S1 for Siemens Magnetom Skyra and Aera MRI Machines.  Image fusion with CT images can be undertaken very quickly as table curvature is eliminated.

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Mirak S2

MRI Medibord™ Overlay for for Siemens Excite & Espree MRI Systems

Klarity offers the Mirak S2 for Siemens Magnetom Espree and Excite 1.5T MRI Machines. Accurate patient positioning and indexation enable optimum repeatibility between imaging and treatment. 

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MRI Medibord™ Overlay for GE Signa

Klarity offers the Kuma Medibord™ MRI Overlay for GE Signa and is available across the 1.5T and 3T systems.

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Avior P1

MRI Medibord™ Overlay for Philips Ingenuity MRI System

The Avior P1 MRI Medibord™ Overlay provides a clean and flat surface for accurate patient positioning and indexation.  Solutions for 60cm and 70cm bore are available. 

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Avior P2

MRI Medibord™ Overlay for Philips Achieva MRI System

The Avior P2 MRI Medibord™ Overlay works with 1.5T and 3.0T MRI Systems. Solutions for 60cm and 70cm bore are available. 

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Klarity Masks Systems for superior strength and minimal shrinkage

Klarity Masks are a new higher standard for thermoplastic masks. We offer masks in Klarity Green™, LiteGreen™, and traditional white. Klarity offers masks for S-TypeU-FrameO-Type, P-typeStereotacticE-Type, Proton TherapyV-Type and all frame types. 

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Klarity AccuCushions®: advanced indexing tools for highly accurate, customized support

AccuCushions® provide secure, customized head and neck support for patients. AccuCushion® sizes are available for multiple head sizes and are compatible with multiple mask systems.

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