Tilting Head MultiFix™

R602-DCF Tilting Head MultiFix™ Overlay  Carbon Fiber

R602-D Tilting Head MultiFix™ Overlay  Acrylic

The Klarity Tilting Head MultiFix™ Overlay is an adaptable solution for positioning patients where a customized tilt is necessary.  The Tilting Head MultiFix™ can be used for prone or supine positioning.  It works with standard Silverman headrests as well as the R640-CPH2 Klarity Prone Head Support. It is compatible with both U-Frame and O-Type head masks. The Overlay is compatible with the R6400 Prone Breast System and the R605-SCF Head & Shoulder MultiFix™ Overlay. 

35cm (L) x 25.4cm (W)
Max. Height 27cm at 45˚
Tilting Angles: 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45˚